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Strategic Consulting
We have helped generate our clients millions of dollars in sales over the years.
  • Business Analysis & Consulting
  • Content Strategy Development
  • Marketing Campaign Strategy
  • Mentorship for Entrepreneurs
Our consulting services are limited to a select few. Sarah works with company ‘s in depth to ensure success. She has a strong ability to see obstacles as opportunities to innovate and create solutions in order to drive up revenues. If you would like to personally book Sarah for confidential consulting please contact us. However, do keep in mind Sarah does not work with every client. She is selective on which clients she takes on. If she decides to take your company on she knows she will be able to provide a significant impact on your company.
Content is critical for today’s marketing efforts. Regardless of what your company goals are, having a strong content strategy is the first step in becoming disruptive in your market. With our consultation services we can direct you to the best content strategy that will cover a range of marketing channels.
Understanding how to tackle the market is critical in success of your brand. We view things from both an offline perspective, as well as, online. Your marketing message needs to be concise and formulated with your end user in mind.
Each year Sarah personally takes on several start-ups to mentor and help grow. Sarah has a passion for start-ups and she loves to analyze ideas and help guide entrepreneurs to see success in their ventures. Sarah’s network in the start-up and Venture Capital community is extensive. If you are looking to raise a seed round or a series A she can direct you on the right path. If you feel you have a start-up that would be of interest to us then submit your application to be mentored by Sarah.