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Our confident leader Sarah built her first multi million-dollar company right out of college. Her experiences as an entrepreneur make her a leader who looks at each project as an opportunity to reach new levels of achievement. Our mission is to inspire and innovate through technology. We help companies reach the ends of the earth from the palm of their hand. Working with top brands gives us an advantage in the marketplace to drive traffic and see revenues soar.
We innovate in each service we offer. Our designs merge creatively with technology. Our primary focus with everything is your ROI.
Graphic Design
We design through a lens of creativity and innovation. As an artist, Sarah has traveled around the globe studying the world’s greatest artists and designers from the past to the present. Our world-class designers know how to push the limits of design and from Sarah’s inspiration drawn from around the world; she gives a unique touch to every piece of work.
Web & App Development
The world of web and mobile apps have changed the technological landscape of our generation. Our highly skilled team of engineers and UI/UX specialists produce award winning solutions that will have your business stand above the noise. From websites, to ecommerce solutions, to iOS/Android apps, to CMS and Word Press sites, our team will deliver products of excellence.
Strategic Consulting
Sarah built her first multi million-dollar company right out of college. Her experience working with business on all levels is far reaching. She has helped generate her clients over $300,000,000 in revenues over the years. We take on very few consulting clients. When we select your company to consult, we dive in deep to gain an understanding of what makes your company tick, from company culture, brand positioning to business goals.
Social Media Marketing
We know Social! Social Media is a Science, not a guessing game. When we decide to come alongside you, we back our strategy with proven statistical and scientific behavioral patterns combined with highly engaging content, which can improve viral coefficients, thus becoming a powerhouse in the world of social media. Get ‘Likes’, Get ‘Shares’, Go ‘Viral’
Search Marketing
The Evolution of SEO! It’s not just keywords anymore. The world of SEO has evolved dramatically. Your website has to be optimized, responsive for mobile, include optimized, natural, conversational content. Your website click-throughs now matter, time on site matters. If you have a mobile app, have you optimized it? You better! It’s hard to keep up with the ever-changing world of SEO, let us help. We not only drive traffic to your website, we help you convert it.
PPC Management
Having a PPC campaign that converts may mean the difference of success and failure. We know that! That’s why we’ve been able to manage over $1,000,000 a year in ad spend for our clients. Our PPC management is reserved for the select few. You must have a PPC budget of min. $5000 per month for us to be able to manage your account.
Columbia Asia
Social Media Marketing, PPC Management
Graphic Design
Full Site Development, SEO
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Full Site Development, Branding, SEO, PPC Management, Strategic Consulting, Magazine
Full Site Development, Branding, SEO, PPC Management, Strategic Consulting